Sunday, 7 June 2015

GTA Online: The Good, The Bad & The Hackers

GTA 5 is great and I think the developers made something quite special that will be very popular with PC gamers over the coming years.

MY main issues arise with the GTA Online mode as the games is becoming more and more unbearable by the day, I have been trying to complete the daily quests each day for the past few weeks and some days its great but mostly I always run in to problems... major problems...

It is great when you can speed run through the daily quest as it is not as much of a chore but when you are presented with a quest such as kill 50 people or participate in an activity that requires more than 2 people you run in to issues, I have spent the best part of 3 hours trying to Participate in an impromptu race but due to the fact that it is impossible to set up a race with out people leaving or the server not logging that you just completed a race means I am going to miss out on today's reward and fail my consecutive run that I have built up.

I tried over 15 sessions with numerous people who even tried setting up a race and the system just did not want to work. When you have issues like this it can get annoying and when you couple it with the news of an update coming up that is aimed at higher end players with more money that sense it makes you feel like Rockstar are not caring about the people trying to climb the ladder and only want to cater to the high end players rather than fix the online play to make the better for everyone.

The other major issues that everyone is facing at the current time is the hackers that are destroying the servers and destroying the online experience for everyone, two days ago I was playing online when some clever A-HOLE decided to spawn a UFO on me and then place a 5 star wanted level on me that meant I entered the perpetual cycle of dying every time I re-spawned as the 5 star wanted level would not go away, this lead to me having to unplug my connection just to exit the game safely. Rockstar need to address the hacking problem as soon as possible as I have seen plenty of people destroying the online experience and causing many issues for fellow players. I don't know if anyone else has had the problem but over the past couple of weeks I have noticed when I have been online some hackers are killing players that are in passive and it is causing major connection issues/impacting on game performance.

If online does not improve soon there is going to be many people who give up and move back to single player leaving major problems for Rockstar and the games future.

Comment below with your problems with GTA Online if you have had any...

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