Monday, 16 March 2015

Game Developers Delays... GTA 5

Game developers have a difficult job when it comes down to making everyone happy, As a gamer I hate it when a game is broken on release as it is huge disappointment when I know I have spent upwards of £50 to £80 on a game that should be complete and ready to play.

I have had many games over the past couple of years that that have been very disappointing and because of how these developers treat the gamer community when they release broken games I decided to not Pre-order any major games unless I could be sure at least a 98% complete game is going to be playable, In this current time we can't come to expect a 100% complete game which is a shame when you think about it.

There are many gamers that get very annoyed at developers for releasing broken games that have blatantly not tested or put any effort in to the final presentation of a game and just released it broken and buggy just to hit a release date. The same gamers also get annoyed when developers delay a game and put off a release date meaning everyone has to wait another couple of months or even years before we get chance to play the game. I don't have a problem with anyone who complains as it is a persons right as a human being to complain about such things and this is the only way developers will learnt to respect their customer.

The game developers that put off a games release faces a whole lot more pressure to deliver a more superior product and have at least several layers of polish on the game as they have amounted more time to test and work on the game and ultimately they face a larger back lash if they come to the market with a broken game as they can't use the age old excuse of running out of time.

GTA 5 for PC has been a prime example of delays as it has been delayed for a long time and multiple times. Rockstar face a major issue soon as if they were to delay again (which is very possible) they could tip the PC Gamers against them for many years to come. There is only so much that a consumer group can take before they will turn away from a company and most people have a 3 strike policy when it comes to these types of situations.

I hope that GTA 5 is going to the best it possible can be and on release it will have to be nearly faultless if Rockstar hope to impress the PC Market and make up for all the delays. Lets all hope that GTA 5 Is going to deliver a more superior product than the console versions as if it doesn't there are going to be many complaints and Rockstar will be left with egg on their face and ruined reputation for may years to come.

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