Sunday, 15 June 2014

Watch Dogs: Privacy Invasion IRL

The side missions in Watch Dogs are very interesting and give a good amount of back story and generally brings the world to life with quite disturbing and worrying issues that makes you think about real life and how much information we have in our digital footprint.

The privacy invasions and side missions of hacking into buildings for collectables do make you think about privacy and how we put ourselves out there on the Internet when using our digital devices and sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. The invasions of the web cams in watch dogs raise great stories of the inhabitants of the homes and on one or two occasions you will find a few sad stories that raise questions about how people are treated badly and even accidental death.

Watch Dogs is a great platform for social commentary of life in a modern age were technology becomes a danger rather than a helpful addition to our lives. We are seeing more and more services moving to online and paper-free options and we are being monitored at all times by security services around the world every time we log online. Your digital footprint online is what you make it and it is up to you as an individual to decide what you share online and what you keep to yourself.

Question: Do you over share information on social media?

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