Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Watch Dogs... The Ethical Dilemma Faced By The Player

Watch Dogs has been out for a few days now and it is one of those love hate games that bring up plenty of issues both good and bad. I am 6 hours in to the game and I am having plenty of fun. But I have started to see a pattern that that the story is very one sided.

The Ethical questions of Watch Dogs...
Although the main protagonist is going after the people responsible for the death of his niece  are the following actions reasonable in the situation.

  1. Car jacking a innocent driver to chase someone down...
  2. Hacking bank accounts of people passing by to use their money to buy guns...
  3. Tripping traffic lights to get away from fixers only to cause a large pile up of people going about their day. 
The game is full of questionable acts and ultimately your actions make it so you can never be a true hero in the game as you are forced to take part in crime with many of the side missions and steal money to get anywhere in the game. I think the game is great in parts but the underlying themes raise questions as you carry on playing. 

I am still currently still playing the game and will be writing some more Watch Dogs related articles very soon once I have played some more of the game.

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