Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Time To Shake Things Up...

The games blog is going to go through a few changes over the coming weeks as I want to make more interesting and appealing content for the readers.

I am going to have my new gaming PC Rig up and running in the next month or so and it will allow for more for more content creation and expansion. The rig will have much higher specifications than my current rig so the games will be running better and will be creating more YouTube videos and expand to creating games content on my games channel.

Space Engineers:
I have been developing a few designs for some more ships in Space Engineers and will be featuring them on here and in a small video in the near future.

Minecraft has many great updates coming up soon and I will be getting back in to it once the updates are released as I have plenty of ideas for a few buildings and a few red stone projects.

New Releases: Watchdogs
I will be doing several posts on watchdogs and many of the new releases in the coming future as I have plenty of plans for expanding in to most game genres.

More news to come soon and I will be posting content as and when as I have a back catalogue of stuff for the blog so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blogging network.

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