Monday, 24 February 2014

Games Projects: Whats Next?

I have not posted recently on here due to the time issues and work pattern but to make up for it I have been working on 2 projects that should be popular and make up for the lack of posts in recent weeks...

1. Minecraft World 2014
The project is going great and I have several updates that will be up on this blog this week and next week.

2. Space Engineer
I recently started to play the game on steam and have decided to start building a fleet of ships to show case the game and to write a review for a blog article and up to now with only 8 hours in to this never ending project... I have built 2 large ships... But I will be getting more game time over this next week so should have the start of a small fleet by the end the month...

There is plenty of work to be getting on with so be sure to check out this games blog every Monday and Friday for more updates, games reviews, indie games corner and more...

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.    

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