Friday, 27 December 2013

Indie Games Corner: Trine 2: Complete Story

A visually stunning game that is just a pleasure to play...
The game is unlike any other side scrolling game I have experienced before as the graphics are just amazingly detailed.
The game has a nice feel to it as your journey progresses through the rich world full of colour and light but beware of the goblins and large creatures out to kill you and stop you in your tracks.
The game blends cut scenes in to the game seamlessly and makes the story progression move at a good pace with plenty of action along the way. The character development is brought out through some stunning art work and the clean cut voice acting that really stands out as your make your way though the level.
 The  art work on the loading screen are really nice and feature a nice blend of story that makes the game more inviting and just a little bit magical.
The game is packed full of puzzles which require all the characters to get past as the game is very reliant on all the abilities of all the hero's.
Even the menu is visually stunning and extremely interactive with plenty of nice elements to use and play with.
I have to recommend this game to everyone as it is just a great game with plenty of puzzle mechanics and stunning graphics... Just buy it today...
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