Monday, 9 December 2013

Indie Games Corner: Surgeon Simulator

A great game with plenty of levels plus many sections of bonus content...
Everyone who has been on stream in the past year or so will have heard about this game but it is only when you start to play it that you can see why it is so greatly talked about. The game runs on the basis of you being a surgeon who has to do operations by any means necessary, so be sure to grab the hammer and smash some ribs if you want a quick time.
The graphics are nice and simple with a good level of detail and the game quite well once you get use to the controls. The game has many levels and you will encounter challenges you go on.
The game does have a few bugs such as clipping issues and certain actions can can cause some problems with game performance now and again but it is a fun game that is well worth supporting the developers and playing for a few hours.

Be sure to get the game today on steam:

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