Monday, 2 December 2013

Indie Games Corner: Electronic Super Joy

This game is great.... Normally I don't like to play too many platforming games as they can be a little annoying but this game has such a great sound track as you progress it as made me want to play on to higher levels.
 The game is a classic platforming game with 4 worlds full of some crazy levels and lots of rockets Out to kill you... The game is best played on a Game pad/controller but if you want a challenge play with keyboard and be ready to flip the table when you die for the 90th time...
 The game is best played from scratch with no prior knowledge of the levels or whats to come as the game has elements that you need to experience first hand for full effect.
The game is full of people you will meet who will give you information a long the way and as yo go on you will meet some strange people and laugh at many of the comments...
Be GROOVY and COOL and get the game today on steam...

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