Monday, 23 December 2013

Games Spotlight: Zombie Killer Squad

A fun addictive mobile game that will keep you playing for a few hours...
The main menu is nice and clean and well set out with all the information you will need to get started and running with the zombies... There are 3 characters you can play and the voice acting in the game has a nice balance of comedy and fun as you progress.
The game is fun and plays like most mobile games with simple controls and has a clean looking user interface with plenty of elements to keep you on your toes as you run though the levels shooting zombies until you run out of ammunition.
 The game as had many updates and is very balanced to play so is better than some mobile games on the apple and android platforms.
The game is good for casual play but can get repetitive after about 10 min so re playability is not very high if you have a short attention span. Also some elements of the game such as the character unlock are very highly priced in game in my opinion but with recent updates you can get through waves of zombies quickly so you can get more points plus they have added an option to buy a character in the shop for less than £1.
The game is good and I would recommend the game for people if they want to pass some time so pick it up today and see for yourself:
Google Play Store:

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