Sunday, 13 October 2013

Indie Games Corner: TIMEframe

This game is a stunning piece of art that shows off why games can be seen as art...
I have played this game 10 times now and found so many amazing scenic views it makes you want to keep exploring.
The game is built on a great concept of time and exploration were you must explore this landscape of strange buildings and open sand dunes.
The lighting is dynamic and creates some great shadows and sets a great atmosphere for you to explore and investigate.
I love the way the game plays and how it opens up the world for you to explore but also how it makes you think and how you make decisions as you know that time is coming to an end...
This game is perfect for everyone as it is a work of art and lets you play the game in the way you want to play it so everyone gets there own experience based on how much they explore.

Its free to play and run through unity player in most browsers so check it out at the link below:

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