Sunday, 20 October 2013

Indie Games Corner: Terraria

 Terraria has been around since 2011 or so and has a great community behind it with some great resources such as the wiki and sites with plenty of information to help you through the game.

I have recently started to play the game and have loved every minute of it.
The graphics are good and have a great indie feel to them, the game has some interesting qualities such as the crafting, exploration and fighting systems. Plus the recent updates have improved the game a lot as the user interface is easier to use.
I have enjoyed the variety of the map and how it generates some interesting and fascinating places to explore and has plenty of challenges along the way.
The game has so much ore to offer and has a good amount of content to find and after about 4 hours of game play I am hooked on this game...

You can get it on steam for less than £12 and is well worth the price as you will find yourself wanting to play more and more as you progress through the game.

Get the game today:

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