Friday, 25 October 2013

Indie Games Corner: The Stanley Parable

 This game is amazing and has some strange elements that will keep you entertained for many hours.
The game is a large web of comedy and lets you go through many different paths... many of the paths contain some mind blowing stuff and it is a nice change to experience something different and to play a game that is unlike anything you have ever played before.
The game allows for many options to choose a path but ultimately you never know how it will end unless you keep playing.
The game has some great messages behind it and it raises many questions as you play through the endless corridors and rooms.
This game has many secrets and places that are hard to find and hard to explore but when you find these places you just have to sit back and let the story carry on as you will have a nice surprise.
When you do play this game be sure to enjoy the party...

Get this game today... Play the game and thank the developers for creating such a masterpiece... That is all I have to say...

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog...

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