Friday, 30 August 2013

World Of Tanks: Free To Play

World Of Tanks is a great free to play game with some great game mechanics and good all round fun.

I started to play this game today and have already advanced a little from the first stages. The game has a good selection of tanks from around the world and has a great system for fitting out your tank for the way you want to play.   
The game is best played with strategy and thought rather than just run and gun mayhem... Also it helps to play with people you know so you can work together and survive fot longer.

The maps are great and have some nice physics with destructable walls, trees and other stuff dotted around the map, The tier system is cool and allows for everyone to play a fair match against other players which helps you learn the best practices of the game.

The community on the game is great and plenty of people from around the world play the game. If you are like me and are looking for a game with elements of history and a fair amount of stratergy them try it today and have some fun.
Just expect to see your tank destroyed a few times in your first few matches...

I would recommend  the game and would say it is great fun to play with friends.
To get the game go to the world of tanks site here:

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