Monday, 10 June 2013

Minecraft Build: More Development

I have been building a few more ideas after finding the perfect map for building a new kingdom and will be developing the land and the areas to build up a town and some small city buildings.

I have decide to split the map in parts and to areas for Villages, Outposts, Towns and the Main Kingdom with a grand walled city.

Here are just a few more screen shots below of what i have built in less than an hour.

This is just an idea for the base of a Outpost that will over look the first Village.

The map will include beacons and markers along the boundaries of the kingdom to warn of attack. 

This i just a few buildings i have created while deciding on different styles and building materials 

I will be developing more ideas over the next few days and creating more buildings and post something up at the end of the week.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

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