Wednesday, 19 September 2012

GFgaming admin strike again

You may have read my last post that showed the corrupt practises of the admins on the server and how they treat people who try to speak out about their unfair treatment of others.

Here's an update on  the GFgaming Tekkit Server. 

I have a new update for you all about how the admin are in the process of bullying people off the server if they speak out.

 This use to be my house on the server until admin destroyed it and caused destruction to the 4 buildings around it.

 This is a picture of the base next to my house were the admin destroyed the hard work of an innocent person because he mention my article on the server
This is a photo of the basement of my friends house after the admin destroyed the area when he contacted admin they said that he had done it and it was his fault.

The admin have started to threaten freedom of speech on the server and effectively run a police state with corrupt admins who are abusing their power and causing problems for the community...
This behaviour is being aimed at a gaming community in tekkit that do not deserve it and the unfair treatment of many people has to stop.

I do not wish to cause revenge attacks or damage to the server but the admins need to be stopped fro abusing power and causing trouble for the tekkit community...

All of this problem started when they did not give a valid reason for a ban and tried to get rid of me from the forums for telling the community the truth about the corrupt admins on the server.

I urge people to not play this server to show the admin that they can't get away with abusing their power.

Support the cause of fair games for the tekkit community. 

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