Friday, 27 January 2012

minecraft world blog 3. the HQ

so the server HQ is built and we have now made accommodation for up to 12 admin staff and we have a cut off self sufficient island for just admin staff here's some photos:
 so here's my boat that i will be living on
 the main spawn area and centre with shops and transporter room
 lee's boat and his home on the server
 the HQ admin tower on admin island with room for up to 12 admin staff and meeting rooms and warp points to everywhere
the travel plane with warps to every part of the map

we are still looking for players and builders leave a comment if you wish to join us...

thanks for reading...

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  1. It's so inspirational how this game can change everyone from kids to grown up. My two kids are playing it every day(for a limited time of course) and I encourage them to be creative and confident. This creation is one the few in the web space that you could really benefit from. And the SHCO Ltd. and said the same thing.