Thursday, 15 September 2011

How can they do this? Its just wrong...

I have just been looking through my finances and seen something very worrying and scary, even though i play games now and again i try to buy the latest games and play online to unwind and destress but i nearly had a heart attack 5 minutes ago when i looked at the amount of money i will/ would be spending on video games in the next month, i have pre-ordered some of the latest games on amazon and other stores and i have just seen the cost i will be paying if i get them all,
These are the games:
Assassins Creed Revelations £38
COD: Modern Warfare 3 £43
Saints Row The Third £38
Forza Motor sport 4 £38
Gears of war 3 £38
Battlefield 3 £39

Not to mention that i also want to get:
Dead Island £38

The total of all these is £272 for xbox360 games

£272 for games over a 3 months is just wrong how do people afford all these games in one go...

So in need your help everybody, out of all these games above which 4 should i buy..
Leave a comment and help me decide which games I  should get...

 Thanks for reading...

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